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 L2olddays Rules

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PostSubject: L2olddays Rules   Thu Nov 14, 2013 6:15 am

1. Respect all server/forum rules.
2. Always Pick up your drops!
3. Spreading rumors about the server is NOT allowed.
4. No Racist player's name or Clan's name.
5. Anti-buffs are not allowed.
6. No hitting npcs in town.
7. No buff scaming. (Selling buffs that you do not have or not giving buffs that people pay for.)
8. Botting software use is not allowed.
9. Use of any kind of third party program is frobidden. Also the player isn't allowed to use any software that changes the type of packets sent to the server.
10. Dual - boxing is allowed.
11. Sharing accounts is allowed at your own risk. If your items or characters are stolen due to sharing your account they will not be restored.
12. Do not use GM crests or names of L2olddays staff.
13. Dont ask GM'S or ADMIN for items etc you will go to jail..
14. Do no accept ppl to advertise other servers we dont give attention, maybe lose your account.
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L2olddays Rules
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