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Lineage Interlude x20
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 x15 Hard Core Info:

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PostSubject: x15 Hard Core Info:   Sat Feb 06, 2016 7:36 am

L2olddays Interlude x15 Hard Core

If you are looking for something more than standard L2 gameplay, for features that you will not find anywhere else, looking for a completely new game of that kind..

.. then you can stop reading right now. It's not a server for you.

As we can see in the title - Interlude chronicle based. Why is this chronicle? According to us - as well as hundreds of other players - this is the last, the real scene of L2. That is, able to muster the good old memories.

Let's begin with the numbers and dry facts then:


Rates XP x15  SP x20
Adena x10
Seal Stones x1
Drop x10
Raid Drop x1
Spoil x10
Quest x5 (no all quest)

GM Shop Sell ONLY Consumables and Minerals (No Armors/Weapons)
GM Shop trading 7signs
NPC class changer with reward
Mana potions available in shop
Offline shop/craft is Auto (Just make shop and log out)
XpOn or XpOff (/menu)
Anti-buff shield
No Need Book to learn skills (is autolearn)

NPC Full buff
1h Buff time
Max buff amount: 22 (+4 from Divine Inspiration)
Weight limit x2
Tyrannosaurus 1h Spawn time

Dual - boxing is allowed.(max 3)
Player spawn protection system: 15 seconds
Free Teleport

Event Medal
GM events
Auto Events

Heroes selected every week
Castle Siege every week
Territory Wars every week

Full Community Board
Safe for weapon and armor: +3
Max enchant: +30
Helpful and friendly GM Staff
Game Account is Auto

Server Grand Open
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x15 Hard Core Info:
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